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The Flitescooter is a great way to get out on the water! Learn to eFoil in minutes. Removable handlebars and an inflatable board provide so much stability, you can simply step on and go. 


This package comes optioned with:

  • 30AH Flitecell sport battery. This is a great option for everyone, lighter than the explore but more range than the Nano battery. You can expect to get an hours ride time on average.
  • Jet Cruiser 1500 wing and Flite 300 stabilizer 
  • Standard basic charger 
  • Flite controller, handlebars, safety key
  • Protective bags for every component


We have specifically chosen to offer this configuration as it is a great one and belive that it will be a great choice for most users. Click buy now to order in this exact configuration or contact us for a unique order or to make any modifications to the equipment offered here.


The price listed is our online price and it is inclusive of the standard credit card fee. Contact us to arange alternative payment options and save!


We will contact you within two business days to update you on the expected delivery date.
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