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What is e-foiling

Foiling as a sport has slowly been taking off over the past 10 years. Kite foiling came first followed by wing foiling, surf foiling, sup-foiling and finally e-foiling. To foil is to ride a board that has a mast and wing set attached allowing the rider to escape the surface drag and ride on the lift generated by the wings. E-foiling has made this sport accessible to many as unlike other types of foiling no prerequisite surfing or wind skills are required to get up on the board and ride.

Thinking about learning to foil? A lesson with us on an e-foil is the best place to start!


What does it feel like?

e-foiling is a unique and exhilarating sensation. Mix snowboarding in endlessly deep fresh snow with surfing and add in the feeling of flying and you are pretty close. It is hard to describe but experiencing it for yourself is a must, we promise that you will be hooked. 


Located on beautiful Green Lake in Whistler

Here at Whistler Watersports we would argue that we have found one of the best locations to take Flite with an e-foil experience. Green Lake remains relatively flat throughout the day with small wind waves that can develop mid afternoon. This flat water makes it the perfect location for first time foilers. 

Green Lake has panoramic mountain views, a truely unique experience. Where else can you surf surrounded by mountains! 

Being surrounded by mountains also means cold / cool water, but do not worry we have a range of quality Quicksilver and Roxy wetsuits and boots.

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