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The series 3 Fliteboard carbon board is avaliable in two sizes either the standard 100L Fliteboard or the 67L pro board. 


The standard size Fliteboard is a great board for all including those who are just starting out in this sport. Its also great for larger riders 80kg or more due to its 100L volume. The pro board is great for those who have taken a lesson with us and feel confident riding a standard sized Fliteboard. Its also great for newer riders 80kg or less due to its 67L volume. 


This package comes optioned with:

  • Flitejet propulsion system making it perfectly legal to operate in Canadian waters while providing a truley smooth ride.
  • 30AH Flitecell sport battery. This is a great option for everyone, lighter than the explore but more range than the Nano battery. You can expect to get an hours ride time on average.
  • Classic Carbon board, providing a blend between fiberglass and carbonfiber.
  • Jet Cruiser 1500 wing and Flite 300 stabilizer 
  • 75cm silver mast 
  • Fast charger 
  • Flite controller 
  • Protective bags for every component


We have specifically chosen to offer this configuration as it is a great one and belive that it will be a great choice for most users. Click buy now to order in this exact configuration or contact us for a unique order or to make any modifications to the equipment offered here. The carbon board comes in 5 colours and we also sell fiberglass versions too.


The price listed is our online price and it is inclusive of the standard credit card fee. Contact us to arange alternative payment options and save!

Fliteboard / Fliteboard Pro, Carbon (Jet)

We will contact you within two business days of your order to let you know when to expect delivery
  • All products are covered by Fliteboards 2 year warranty. We are an authorised Fliteboard reseller so buying from us ensures that your board is covered.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks from the purchase date for your order to arrive. We will inform you if there is a delay due to something being out of stock.

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